Eucalyptus Oil 2-Gallon Case

The price of Eucalyptus Oil is constantly changing, and for that reason please contact us, at Jade, for a price quote.

Jade Body Spa – Eucalyptus Oil works great in steam rooms, saunas and exercise rooms as a strong deodorizer. Use a heavy duty plastic spray bottle, spray in the air on walls and on benches. Our Eucalyptus Oil is not a blend, therefore it will not mix with water. However, if you do dilute it with water, be sure to shake it before each use.

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Eucalyptus Oil is available in 1-gallon,  2-gallon case and 5 gallon buckets. If you are interested in our pure Essential Oil of Eucalyptus Oil please let us know. The Price of Eucalyptus Oil is constantly changing, so, please CONTACT US for a quote. You can always call Jade Distribution at 800-785-5233.