Shaker Gallons – GELS – 4 gallon case


4-gallon case GEL type body wash, shampoo, hair & body and hand soap. Free Shipping on all Jade Body Spa “Shaker Gallons”. Just add water and shake to create beautiful ready to pour products. Eco-Friendly super concentrate in pre-measured gallons.

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Choose any body wash, shampoo, hand soap or hair and body shampoo we make and ask for shaker gallons. With our shaker gallons, SHIPPING IS FREE in the continental USA. Shaker gallons are an easy way to take advantage of our environmentally aware and cost saving concentrates! Just add water and shake… The more you shake, the thicker the products gets. All shaker products will be a rich thick gel when shaken enough.

All ECO-Smart Shaker Gallons can be used as an excellent hand soap!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

Aloe Nectar Body Gel, Green Tea Shower Gel, Kiwi Mango Shampoo, Natures Gold Shampoo, Ocean Treasures Body Bath, Pure Fresh Hand Soap, Quench Hair & Body Shampoo, Silk Rain Shampoo